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Need a high energy, fun, female sound for your next commercial, narration, promo and/or imaging? I’ve gotcha covered!


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On The Air

The great Oprah once told me to make a career out of my passion and I’d never ‘work’ another day. Well, she was quite right. I found a way to do it based on my love for radio.

As a little kid, I listened to my hero, Casey Kasem, as he hosted ‘American Top 40’ every weekend. I’d feverishly write down every single song title and artist, then grab my coveted ‘Mr. Microphone’ and do my own version of the countdown (long distance dedications and all)!

Broadcasting school and an internship at my favorite local station led me to my start in the radio biz! It’s hard to believe that was 21 years ago.

I remember wondering early on in my career -- what will define my ‘personality’? Who will I ‘be’ on the air? What ‘story’ would I have to tell? I had no idea in that moment that I was just at the beginning of a long and very winding road...


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