My Music Related Picks of the Moment

Man, isn’t music the most amazing thing.

In my opinion, nothing else can take you directly back to a time… place… moment… like music.

I can listen to songs from the 80’s and tell you exactly what grade I was in, who my best friends were and what was going on in my life.

I can listen to songs from the 90’s and, unfortunately, get that icky feeling inside knowing I spent a lot of those years with a dude who didn’t deserve me.

But, I can also listen to songs from the end of the 90’s and recall the start of my radio career. True happiness. Self-confidence. A real career! Something to call my very own.

In fact, with a job like radio, I can pretty much relate every single hit song to every aspect of life for the 2000’s up to now!

So, on my blog I’ll probably overshare about songs and all music related things that appeal to me so you can check ‘em out, too! Today’s items include:

  1. Justin Timberlake’s book ‘Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me’. OMG if you are a JT fan (and really… who isn’t?!) GET IT. First, it’s just pretty. It makes a cool coffee table book. Second, he tells just enough of his life story to explain how he got into the entertainment biz and became the freakin’ genius he is today. Slight spoiler alert as I channel Shawn Mendes… it was in his blood. See what I did there? But, on that note… I really do believe each of us has a gift. A calling. I truly believe I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do. I hope you’ve found yours. If not… keep at it. Figure out your passion and try to find a way to really incorporate it into your life. There’s such fulfillment in that.

  2. The Beastie Boys book which is so cleverly titled (you won’t believe it) - ‘Beastie Boys Book’. This group reminds me of my brother. Growing up, we both loved Beastie Boys. I remember hanging out in his room, trying to conquer the Rubik’s Cube and just listening to this AWESOME music that was so different than anything else I had heard before. They were irreverent and funny and to this day they’re one of my favorite groups. I also love that thing about music I was talking about… takes you back… it helps me feel close to my brother. He died of a heroin and alcohol overdose a few years ago. I miss him. But, through music, I feel him. And, this huge book tells their story in great detail. If you like ‘em too, highly recommend.

  3. Workout music. I’m workin’ on my fitness in 2019, but I can tell you with total certainty, it’s not happening if I don’t have the right music blaring in my AirPods. This past Fall, my husband and I saw Diplo live. EDM. If you’re not sure if you’re familiar… you are. You just might now know it. ‘Where Are U Now’ by Justin Bieber… yeah. That was with Diplo. ‘Electricity’, currently on the radio… yeah, that’s with Diplo. He’s freakin’ awesome live. So much so that Matthew and I were laughing during the show, saying we were so pumped up we felt like running! HA! Right in the middle of the show. So, I started watching Diplo YouTube live shows during my workouts and yessssss… it gets me GOING! Sometimes the sound quality isn’t the best. So, I did some searching because quite honestly, I don’t know the name of 90% of his songs, I just liked the beat! Anyway, if you need music to get you fired up for your next workout, try the YouTube live show videos… but if the quality drives you a little nutty, the album to get is ‘Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U’. It came out in 2015. I’m late to the entire EDM party. But, I’m obsessed right now. Particularly with Jungle Bae.

Yep. I’m a music geek. Always have been. Always will be! If you share my passion, keep comin’ back!

Jennifer Waldman