I passed the hubs in the hall this morning and we high-fived. Just letting each other know we’re still around. Is anyone else right there with me? Anyone? Anyone? Our life feels so CRAZY sometimes.

This past week was unusually busy. I met up with friends two nights back-to-back and that never happens. Girl’s nights don’t even happen too often these days at all. So, two in a week… whoa. I am living on the edge. Matthew had a dinner last night. Throw in work, errands, homework, sports and two totally stir-crazy dogs (is it Spring yet?) and it made for a very chaotic week.

We recorded a podcast together (click here to listen) and while we were talking about how we met and our life together, I looked at him at one point and thought to myself ‘my God I love this man so much’. And, I totally do. He is everything to me and I feel like a horrible wife sometimes because I get so wrapped up in everything else, I probably don’t tell him or show him nearly often enough how much he means to me.

Many of my girlfriends reassure me by sharing that their life feels the exact same way. I mean, it was just ‘us’ for all of those years… then our kids came along and our hearts got split up and divided out! A beautiful thing! But, not gonna lie. Sometimes it’s really hard getting back to… just us.

We’re long overdue for a weekend away. But, then my mom fears creep. I’m a hot mess, I know!!! But, truth is, I need to jump through those fears and buy some freakin’ plane tickets or we’re both gonna lose our minds and possibly forget each other’s names.

So, I’m just sharing to let you know if you and your spouse are in the same boat, you’re not alone! I get it and I’m working on it, too! But first… wait a minute… my kids are screaming for me from the next room and the dog just pooped on the floor. I’ll be back.

Jennifer Waldman