One of my favorite home décor items is my kitchen towel that says ‘if it’s not Chip + Joanna or chips + salsa, I’m not interested’ — so great, right? Um, and true. I’ve loved them forever and I was slightly depressed after they announced the end of Fixer Upper. But, didn’t we all know they weren’t just gonna kick back at the farm and do nothing?

We were right. They’re not only coming back to TV… they got their own freakin’ network (coming soon). Joanna had another baby, wrote a children’s book and their Target line keeps my home lookin’ spiffy. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Chip + Jo aren’t going anywhere.

Well, a few months ago one of my dreams came true, friends. I checked something off the ol’ bucket list. I went to WACO and did all the things. With Spring Break just around the corner, I thought I’d share about my trip to Magnolia in case you’re thinking of making the trip to Texas!

Here are some tips and things I wish I had known beforehand:



Plan on spending a day, not a weekend. In fact, plan on going during the week! 

We made the trip on a Saturday. It. Was. Packed. We pulled up and noticed the long line to the Silos Baking Co. -- it was about an hour long wait. So, we walked across to the Magnolia store. There was a long line, but it moved quickly. The problem was once inside the store, there was a line to look at everything -- literally shoulder to shoulder and then an even longer line to check out. I was so giddy and excited to be there, the lines didn't necessarily bother me... but I just didn't feel like I really got to enjoy looking at the merchandise! I had to make quick decisions about what to buy. I would've loved to have had a little more space and time to browse. Needless to say, I walked away with $350 in purchases... so clearly, I found some goods! HA! 

Magnolia Table

After we shopped, took 8,000 pictures, let the kiddos run around and scoped out the food trucks which surround the entire area, we decided to drive to Chip + Jo's new restaurant, Magnolia Table! They do not take reservations. The wait was four hours. Yes, FOUR. So, my advice is -- try to be first in line... or go when you're not hungry and assume you will be by the time you get seated! Or, just do like we did -- take a bunch of pictures and grab some stuff from the take-away area! It was really cool to see it all -- but I do wish we could've actually eaten there!

 You will likely NOT see Chip + Jo... anywhere! HA!

Ok, I mean it's not like I thought they'd just be walking around chatting it up with the customers! But, I mean, a girl can dream... right?! I asked the lovely sales girl at Magnolia Market if they ever swing by to check things out. She said that they definitely do... but it's usually on a Tuesday afternoon when there is MUCH lighter traffic! 

There is no tour to take you around and show you the houses they've remodeled.

Again, this was a great idea in my head... but let's get real. People actually live in these homes and the last thing they want is a bus-load of crazy Fixer Upper fans peeking through their windows! There IS a 'Tour of Waco' bus tour you can take (they're stationed right outside of the silos), but that's not what it's all about.

Where to shop!

Like I said, plan to spend a few hours getting your Magnolia fix. But, after that -- what to do? Well, shop of course! There are a ton of adorable boutiques very close to the silos! I loved 'Spice Village' -- it's a boutique collective. Lots of really cool different shops all under one roof. Women's clothing, baby and kid stuff, home decor... a little something for everyone! You'll love it. When you get there, ask and they'll direct you to the other boutiques nearby (many are within walking distance).

What to eat!

I'm gonna be completely honest with you -- I'm not a foodie. I know this probably makes me sound super boring. So, I can't give any personal recommendations. The menu at Magnolia Table looked amazing! The food trucks offered a nice variety! And, I did get some personal recommendations from one of the locals. You might try:

La Fiesta - Mexican

Schmaltzs's Sandwich Shop

Baris - Italian

Cafe Cappuccino - Breakfast, lunch, dinner

George's - Grill & Bar

I had the BEST time. It was so worth the drive. I pretty much geeked out over every little thing. If you're a big fan, you're just gonna love it! I hope these tips help while planning your own adventure! ENJOY!




Jennifer Waldman