The hubs and I don’t get very many date nights these days. So, when friends of ours asked not one but BOTH of our kids to sleep over last night, we basically skipped to the movie theater high-fiving all the way.

We saw ‘The Upside’ with Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman and I give it a big, fat (the accuracy of my thumbs here…) two thumbs up! Such a feel good movie. It’s based on a true story. It’s inspired by the life of Phillippe Pozzo di Borgo — a paralyzed billionaire who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a recently paroled convict whom he hires to take care of him.

It looks like it’s gotten mixed reviews from critics. Some have called the plot ‘predictable and cliche’. Ok, yeah whatever. Maybe. I call it easy to follow and a movie that made me laugh hysterically and cry. No, I mean I was LOL’ing so hard at some points. I think Kevin Hart is incredibly funny! He and Bryan Cranston had great chemistry. Also, I didn’t even think about falling asleep… and not gonna lie… a movie has about 10 minutes to suck me in or I’m out. Literally. zzzzz

There’s a real-life movie review for ya. I’m not into nor have I seen or heard of basically any of the Oscar nominated films! But, give me a no-brainer feel good flick? I’m all over it.

Go see it!

Jennifer Waldman