I’m an open book. So, if we’re friends or you’ve followed along with me over the years, there’s a good chance you already know some of this stuff! But, someone challenged me to share 10 things you (probably) don’t know about me! So, why not! Here goes:

  1. I am a trial junkie. Like, I missed my calling in some form of law enforcement. I think it all started after the tragic murder of Laci Peterson in 2002. I just could not wrap my brain around how her very own husband could kill her! She was pregnant. He was having an affair. Now he’s on death row. I followed that case from the beginning to the end. Read every book written about it. Then, when there was nothing else to do with it, I moved to other cases. Casey Anthony… Amanda Knox… OJ… Chris Watts… BTK… I mean you name it, I’ve investigated it!

  2. I love breakfast foods. Cereal is my jam. I could eat it for all three meals every single day.

  3. I’m a beer girl… only. My girlfriends are always sippin’ on the most adorable cocktails when we go out. Wine? Yuck. (I hear gasps… I get it.) But, yeah, keep all of it. I’m a beer girl. And, not even a fancy one. Gimme a Mich Ultra with some limes on the side and I’m GOOD!

  4. I’m about as low maintenance as it gets. I mean, sure. I love all things girly. Love a mani/pedi… love shopping… Botox is my friend. But, truth is? You could take all of that stuff away and I’d be fine as long as I have my ‘people’. Date night doesn’t ever need to be over-the-top or fancy. Pizza and a walk through HomeGoods after is just fine with me!

  5. My favorite movie of ALL time is ‘The Wizard of Oz’. But, a close second is ‘Sixteen Candles’. I can recite the entire film, word for word. I was obsessed with Jake Ryan. When I met my husband, I not only thought he resembled him… he also drove a red sports car. It was destiny.

  6. I’m an empath. I feel the thoughts, emotions, and energy of others in a ridiculously deep way. I absorb other people’s emotions. If you are hurting and you share that with me, I can literally feel your pain. It’s a blessing and a curse.

  7. I don’t have any tattoos. I am actually afraid of them. Well, afraid of getting one. I have a recurring nightmare where I get a huge tattoo and I go into full panic mode after because it’s permanent and I made a horrible decision.

  8. I have a very real and bizarre complex about my forehead. I wore bangs for a LONG time because of it. At the encouragement of my hairstylist, I started growing them out. They’re currently to my chin. I obsess DAILY if I’m making the right choice. I spend an unnatural amount of time thinking about my dumb forehead.

  9. I love 80’s music. I listen to it often and loudly. I like the way it makes me feel. It reminds me of a world without cell phones, social media and adult problems.

  10. Speaking of throwbacks, I still play Nintendo on the regular. Pac Man. Donkey Kong. Super Mario Bros. I’m teaching my children my ways. I feel they’ll save the princess by summer.

Jennifer Waldman