This might be the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. Where has this little steamer been all of my life?!

I don’t know about you, but if something needs ironed, I’m really likely to just keep shuffling through my closet to find something else to wear. It seems like such a task getting out the ironing board, heating up the iron and if you’re anything like me, inevitably not waiting long enough for it to heat up all the way and rusty water spits out and on to my pretty white shirt.

Well, that was then! THIS is now!


I was cruisin’ through Target the other day… as I do… often. And, you know how it goes. You go in for bread and come out with a cart full of I don’t even know what else! I spotted this mini steamer and took a closer look. Super simple to use. Small - the perfect size for packing in a suitcase. And, a steamer. Like the ones I watch ‘em use in the boutiques to magically steam away wrinkles in a jiffy. Great price. SOLD.

I took that bad boy home and started steaming up a storm! It works SO well! And yeah, it’s tiny, but fierce! It quickly got rid of all of the wrinkles on all of the clothes and I got kind of excited thinking about new outfit possibilities now that I won’t have to bust out the iron.

Highly recommend. That Joy Mangano… she knows her stuff.

Jennifer Waldman