Two things. We’ve gotta talk Target and Emojis. First… Target.

Do you love shopping there as much as I do? Duh. You don’t even have to answer that. IT’S THE BEST! It’s… therapy. It’s… a problem. Let’s just say for as often as I pay my local store a visit, they really should send me a Christmas card. So, I was pretty bummed to see THIS!

Click here to watch. This could change the way you shop. It certainly got my attention.

Ok, next - emojis! We’re getting 230 new ones by the end of the year. Squeal!

Here are some of the highlights:

A yawning face.

Lots of emojis focused on disabilities, including a deaf person, people in wheelchairs, blind people using walking canes, Seeing Eye dogs, and mechanical arms and legs.

New animals! Including… a flamingo, sloth and skunk!

New foods: a waffle, butter, onions, and a juice box.

And… last but not least, ladies. A drop of blood… which represents menstruation.

Get excited!


Jennifer Waldman