This is officially my new favorite product. It’s a facial in a bottle.


I’ve used exfoliating products before, but usually only about once a week or so. They typically irritate my skin too much. However, not too long ago, I started using Philosophy products (keepin’ it real… mainly because of the packaging! HA!) I fell in love with the ‘Purity Made Simple’ cleanser. It’s so great. Removes all traces of make-up. Doesn’t sting my eyes. Big fan.


But, I was literally about to call and schedule a facial because I just felt like I needed a good scrub. A good exfoliation. I picked up this product. I was surprised to read on the label that it’s gentle enough to use daily. I decided to try.

OMG. It’s crazy good stuff. My skin feels so smooth. I have a glow. I feel like my make-up goes on smoother.

Highly recommend.

Jennifer Waldman