It’s been a challenging week. A horrible… and I do mean horrible… virus attacked our entire network at the radio station and we’ve been s t r u g g l i n g behind the scenes. I’m a creature of habit and love my routine. This has not been good for my mental game. At all.

I won’t bore you with all of the details… although it does sound like a movie plot — so maybe it’s not that boring. Virus. Ransom. Basically we lost everything from music to commercials to Excel files. You name it, it’s gone. On a personal note, the thing that hurt the worst for me was losing audio files of my children. I’ve brought them into the studio and recorded their sweet little voices since they were barely two years old. I don’t know what I was thinking never backing up those files or at least emailing them to myself! Ugh. I know looking at the bigger picture, that’s not the greatest loss. But, it hurts my mama heart.

So, let’s talk about that bigger picture.

As I’m dealing with this cyber crisis on the work front, which is totally preventing me from doing my radio show and the 500 other things I do behind-the-scenes everyday, I checked my Facebook feed this morning and gained perspective.

A friend had posted a video of a mother giving her victim impact statement to a court. Her nine-year-old daughter was killed by a hit and run driver as she crossed the street in her neighborhood. It was the first time she let her walk to the bus stop alone. She shared about how they practiced over and over to look both ways and to use caution. Things I would have said and done, too. It was an eight minute video. I could literally only listen to about three minutes of it because it was too painful to hear. Such profound grief. If I felt that way LISTENING to her story, the pain she must deal with everyday must be simply unbearable.


No matter what we are dealing with on any given day, there is ALWAYS someone going through much worse. I may not have a computer, files, the proper tools to do my job effectively… but I am breathing. I am healthy. It is a temporary situation. It’ll get better.

Yes. Perspective.

Sometimes the perfect reminder comes at just the right time.

Jennifer Waldman