Anyone else totally obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Me!’ featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco? She’s the BEST. I knew her new song would be good. She never disappoints! But, I had no idea it would be THIS good. My daughter, Julianne, and I listen to it on full blast every time we get into the car together! And every time it plays, Jules asks for pink hair… just like Taylor!

So, this either makes me the coolest mom ever or the most insane. But, I decided to let her go for it. Why not?! If ever there’s a great point in a person’s lifetime to rock pink highlights, eight seems like a nice choice. So, off to Beauty Brands we went!

Her stylist had to put in a few blonder highlights so the color would show better. I was a little worried that she was going to end up with white bleached blonde pieces, but it wasn’t like that at all! Just really pretty lighter streaks. Which, will look pretty and natural anyway after the pink fades away. Which, it will. She used a semi-permanent color which will fade out naturally in a few months.

A win for me as a mom! And, a win for Jules. She can rock her pink hair for as long as it lasts and enjoy each shade along the way.

She’s already asking for purple next time.

I’m down.






Jennifer Waldman