I love my beautiful diamond wedding and engagement rings! Don’t get me wrong. But, there are a lot of days I don’t wear any of them. Not because I don’t love my man with all of my heart. Because sometimes they just aren’t functional! Problem solved. I got a silicone ring and it’s my new favorite thing.


Ok. Here’s the one I got at Dick’s Sporting Goods. $24.95. If you’re like me, you’re looking at that simple thing and thinking… what a rip-off! Almost $25 for a piece of… rubber? Shoot! I could probably make one myself! Yeah, I had the same thoughts. I walked right on by the rack of rings at Dick’s during many-a-shopping trip.

Then, one day, Matthew came home with one that he had purchased for himself! Again… really? What a scam.

Cut to us shopping the other day. He tells me how much I’d really love one. I caved. And, now I’m obsessed. It’s so lightweight. It stays in place on my finger — which are constantly fluctuating between hot and cold and when my fingers ‘shrink’ my metal rings slide all over the place. I hardly even notice this ring!

I made the mistake of going to the Qalo website. See there, I linked it so you can make the same bad judgement call! HA! For real though, the C U T E S T rings. So many colors! Way more than I saw at Dick’s. Now I’m imagining getting a few and color coordinating with my outfits. I may be taking this one step too far.

Jennifer Waldman