My family and I discovered Big Cedar a few years ago and fell in love! It’s a premier wilderness resort deep within the Ozark Mountains — wildlife, breathtaking views and the feeling of truly being ‘away’. Best of all, it’s just a short drive from Kansas City. This summer, we decided to check out their newest experience — Camp Long Creek. We will DEFINITELY go back!

Look, as much as I love nature, I am not cut out for the whole ‘roughing it’ camping experience. Just keepin’ it real. We are great friends with a family who has all the gear, doesn’t shower for a week while they hike and sleep in a tent with wild animals a stone’s throw away. Uh uh. Nope. Not for me. No way, no how. I would get eaten by a bear. I have that kind of luck!

So, this whole Big Cedar/Camp Long Creek experience is more like ‘glamping’. Much more my pace! In fact, they actually have super cute, fancy tents complete with a king sized bed available for your weekend getaway needs. Check this out:


Matthew and I are definitely going back for a kid-free weekend sometime this Fall.

The trip we just took with the kiddos was probably a little less relaxing because they like to go, go, go! But, we had such a fantastic time.

We stayed in a cabin:


I mean, how freaking cute is that, right? It looks like Chip & Jo just waltzed in and decorated it! Too cute. Brand new. That couch pulls out into a king sized bed. There’s a bedroom in the back with a king bed as well. Perfect for our family of four.

We went with another family we know. They have kids the exact same ages as ours and they’re all super close! So, that made it extra fun. In between our two cabins (they were right next door) we had a fire pit, table and chairs. We made s’mores and had adult beverages each night. So much fun.

There’s a lot to do at Big Cedar/Camp Long Creek. One day we rented a boat and cruised around Table Rock Lake. There’s an arcade/bowling alley/go karts. Lots of places to eat — highly recommend Osage at Top of the Rock - great food and the view around sunset… whoa. It’s incredible. There’s a golf course and chapel there. I always tell my daughter — plan to get married here, ok? It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.


We’ve had the best time EVERY time we’ve gone to Big Cedar, but Camp Long Creek might be our new spot! It’s worth every penny!

Jennifer Waldman