Phone addiction is real. Actually, technology addiction is REAL. My kids would crawl inside of their iPads if it was possible. I monitor their screen time pretty closely because I know if I don’t, it’ll take over their lives! My husband and I are guilty of scrolling our social feeds during meal times. I’m not proud of it. It bothers me often. So, I found an adorable solution.


I put it on our kitchen counter. You can’t miss it when you walk into our house! I love it not only for the day-to-day, but also for when we have company over. Nothing is sadder than scanning the room with your eyes and noticing everyone doing who-knows-what on their silly cell phones. This encourages that thing called… talking! Eye contact! Human interaction! It’s funny… but it’s not. You get me.

I found it at a Hallmark store. Click here for the link if you want to get one for your home.

Jennifer Waldman