Welcome to On Air With Jenny Matthews

Well, hi! Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my new creative space. A place where I look forward to sharing all of the random things that float around in my brain on a daily basis. It’s… a lot. It really is, friends. Deep breaths.

My son is a total chatterbox. He will literally start talking the minute he opens his sweet, big brown eyes in the morning and will not stop until he closes them at bedtime. I was laughing about this the other day with my husband. He said, ahem… where do you think he gets it??? Well, yeah. I suppose he did get that from his mama. Radio is a good profession for a chatty girl like me.

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But, I also absolutely love to write. I always have, as evidenced by my childhood journals my dad recently discovered and sent to me (good grief, did he read them? This just occurred to me). That’s a post for another time. But, whoa. I had ALL the feelings about ALL the things and wrote ALL of it down! Again, another post… another time. Or maybe that’s a Podcast. Or both.

My point is that my love for all of those things has led me to this spot! I’m so excited to share about all things music, dogs (I’m obsessed with my pups), fashion (I am a certified shopaholic), products (my husband may kill me if I bring home another item from Ulta), mommyhood drama, how I’m (ha!) finding the balance (I’m trying), etc., etc., etc.

I’ll also get pretty personal and raw. I’ve been through some crap and I believe with every ounce of my soul that by using our stories we help others and can make this world a better place. I realize that was very Ms. America of me… but it’s true.

So, thanks for following along here, on the radio, in the Podcast world and on social media! I’m excited to connect.

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